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Events are a critical part of the UFO organization


UFO meetings can be as simple as meeting for coffee or a meal.  Or they can be a planned event with a speaker or program.  

What is important is for UFOs to meet and spend time talking with others about shared experiences

of being a pilot.

2023 Scheduled Activities

Reoccurring Meetings


2nd Monday of each month

North Olympic Squadron of the UFO

Time:      0900


Location: Mariners Cafe

               W. Washington Street

               Sequim WA.


California Central Coast

KIZA Santa Ynez


3rd Wednesday of February 21, 2024 

Our meeting will be at KIZA Santa Ynez at my hangar A-13 on February 21st at 12:00 noon.


Please RSVP so we can determine what they will like for the catered lunch.


RSVP to Jerry Long

RSVP to Annie Orton at  208-290-3618

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