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Recognition and Fellowship

WELCOME! To a most extraordinary group of aviators, the United Flying Octogenarians. Founded in 1982 with just a handful of pilots, we have grown to over 1800 members worldwide.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have maintained the knowledge, skills, and currency required to take command of an aircraft at the age of 80 or more. We are pleased to provide official recognition of such a significant achievement.  You have earned the right to wear the UFO patch, hat, and pin with pride and distinction.  You are one of the very few pilots worldwide to do so.

HAVE FUN! Enjoy the benefits of membership. Visit the Website at Use your Friendship Directory and call another member, meet them at a nearby airport or a local restaurant. Join a conversation on the UFO Facebook page. If you are a new member and upload your bio, look for it in the SQUAWK, the monthly newsletter.

Attend a gathering/fly-in! Watch your email for announcements of

a UFO event in your area.  Or use the directory and create your own gathering for breakfast or lunch at a local airport or restaurant. We all speak “airplane” and love doing so. 

ENGAGE! The UFO is a volunteer organization. Set up a local Fly-In. We will guide you through the process and help with the expenses. Or apply for a Board level position. The more you participate, the greater the satisfaction you will feel for having given something back and the more fun you will have doing it.

SIT BACK AND BRAG! You have earned your place at the table and the right to tell the younger ones how good you used to be. 


It cannot be emphasized enough how UNIQUE you are as a UFO pilot.

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