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Who are the Auxiliary Wing members and what do they do?

Established for the still actively flying 75-year-old and up pilots or students; a subset of the United Flying Octogenarians organization:

  • To encourage and support fellowship among similarly aged pilots.

  • To promote longevity and safety in aviation for older pilots worldwide

  • To encourage these members to come to all the United Flying Octogenarians events and activities

  • Take an active role in local activities as well as leadership positions

  • Assist UFO leaders in preparing, inviting, and presenting programs and meetings.

Membership: Auxiliary Wing is open to any active pilot or student in any Class or Category of aircraft while in compliance with the legal requirements applicable in the nation issuing his/her flight authority, and on or after reaching the age of seventy-five (75).  This class of membership is not a prerequisite for the United Flying Octogenarians membership, which has a different eligibility requirement. Like the United Flying Octogenarians organization, no upper age limit exists if dues are current.  

Auxiliary Wing

  • Members will be listed in the directory in a separate section

  • Initial membership dues include an identity package of (Hat, Patch, Button, Membership card, and Welcome letter).

  • Membership renewal will be on the anniversary of joining the Auxiliary Wing and paying dues.

  • Auxiliary Wing merchandise will have a unique logo.

    • Cap color will be Red only

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