UFO’s Danbury Fly-Drive In in Review

The weather in Metro New York on June 1, 2022 was not cooperative! Originally it was supposed to be Overcast with ceilings of 25K, but most of New Jersey, Eastern PA and lower New York found themselves looking at 900’ ceiling and 6-8 miles visibility underneath. Thus, numerous pilots had to cancel due to the excessive drive. We did have 4 planes arrive IFR and several more VFR. I did receive phone calls from several pilots who had to do the intelligent 180 and return to their home field due to low ceilings.

Dave Roeberg in his Cirrus Vision Jet had no problems filing IFR and making the 40-minute flight from Wilmington DE to Danbury in 40 minutes.

Team Danbury was ready for those who arrived either by plane or auto. Rich Klein along with his wife PK, had the assorted donuts table ready, while Peter Welch and Sandra Riccio had gallons of coffee available.

Our original plan for a Hangar Buffett was scrapped at the last minute due to the unpredictable weather thus making a head count impossible. Team Danbury was overwhelmed by the turn out. Somehow 49 UFO’s including wives and guests showed up.

For some reason, only 32 people made the group photo.

After our group shot we were able to load everyone into an auto and motor off to Chuck’s Steakhouse which is several miles off the field..

Bob Barker, the President of the UFO’s was able to attend.

Bob has been for years the driving force of Fly-Drive In Danbury

Thanks Team Danbury: Fred Forst, Ken Johnson, Rich Klein, Peter Welch, & D. Wedemeyer

Thank you all who attended, you’re the ones that made it a success.

Event Organizer Annette Orton has scheduled a UFO Event for October 6, 2022. The event will take place at Pepper Garcia's Mexican Restaurant located at 3301 Terminal Drive, Santa Maria Airport, KSMX.