Giving Back

On July 27, 2012, the United Flying Octogenarians (UFO) Board of Directors endorsed a proposal to honor the life of Evelyn Bryan Johnson by placing a bench with her name and that of the United Flying Octogenarians, as sponsors, in the International Forest of Friendship in Atchison, Kansas.

Evelyn Bryan Johnson endowed the world of aviation with a legacy of aviation achievements that will forever continue to inspire others. The United Flying Octogenarians stand together to recognize and honor this outstanding woman pilot who lived her life with integrity, courage and determination. Though a modest and unassuming woman, Evelyn left an indelible imprint on the lives of thousands of flight students. They will remember her, and their voices will fill the skies in tribute to this remarkable woman and her great love for aviation.

More information regarding Evelyn Bryan Johnson's life and aviation accomplishments available at Wikipedia.