2020 Eagles Crest (Mini-)Meeting

Aug 5, 2020 – A Mid-Atlantic UFO meeting was scheduled to be held at Eagles Crest Airport (DE25) in Milton, DE. Because of the dangers associated with the virus, the meeting has been postponed. However, John Sullivan, the Mid Atlantic Regional Manager flew his C182 to DE25 ( a residential airpark) to meet with John Chirtea, the Delaware Area Representative and present him with a UFO banner to be used at the future meetings that he organizes. Ronal Smith, a new UFO member based at DE25, also joined in the mini meeting.

John Chirtea’s facility is unique and was featured in an earlier Leading Edge newsletter this year. He has a unique collection of aerial vehicles and other collectables that we would like to feature at a future meeting.

They discussed the possibility of holding an UFO October practice meeting that could be a prototype for future UFO meetings. Details need to be worked out, but any meeting would need to conform with state and local policies, good practices and mitigate risk to our members.

A picture of the mini-meeting is attached showing John Sullivan, John Chirtea and Ronal Smith.